L.A. Angels AAA Pitcher Eddie McKiernan Named 16U Titans Head Coach

by Jim Stewart

The Titans Baseball Club is excited to announce its lineup of Head Coaches for 2021-22. The Titans appointed three new Head Coaches, including Californian Eddie McKiernan who was named field manager of the organization’s middle team. This is an exciting development for the Titans as Coach McKiernan will bring his professional pitching experiences with the Los Angeles Angels organization to the 16U Titans.  Coach McKiernan’s impressive baseball resume includes being California Player of the Year and fine coaching results in US High School and College baseball.  As the organization’s Pitching Coordinator, Coach McKiernan’s work with the Titans pitchers yielded immediate results in our inaugural CPBL season. His coordination and execution of pro practice models-- with the entire organization on the field for Tuesday and Thursday practices at picturesque Saint Andrew’s College-- was a feature of the Titans 2021 season.

Denis Bailey, who is currently the Associate Head Coach of the 17U Titans, takes the reins of the 18U Titans in 2021-22, and will continue to serve as the organization’s College Placement Coordinator as well as Catching Coordinator.  Coach Bailey brings years of US Midwest College playing experience and years of successful coaching experience with the CPBL Toronto Mets to the Titans’ most senior team. He will continue to work in his steadfast manner regarding the College Placement of Titans. Twelve Titans from the Class of 2021 are headed off to excellent post-secondary destinations in the United States, due to Coach Bailey’s expansive network and diligence. 

The new Head Coach of the 15U Titans will be Nick Dimpfel, currently the Assistant Coach of the 15U Titans.  As a former OBA Player of the Year and a stellar College catcher and hitter in Colorado, Coach Dimpfel will bring his rich baseball background to this leadership position and build the second youngest team in the organization.  He will also bring continuity to the program as he stays with the 15U Titans to develop its young student-athletes.  Coach Dimpfel’s amiable yet demanding sensibility is a perfect mix for a CPBL field manager.

As the Titans program expands from four to five divisional teams, Johnny Bethune, the current Head Coach of the 15U Titans, will be entrusted to develop the organization’s newest players. The inaugural 14U Titans squad lifts off in 2021-22 and Coach Bethune is a perfect fit as its field boss.  An outstanding student-athlete with the Seneca Sting and the current Sting outfield coach, Coach Bethune will bring his experience as a College outfielder and pitcher to energize and encourage the 14U Titans. Coach Bethune is a veteran CPBL coach who knows very well the caliber of Ontario’s top youth baseball league.  

Director of Baseball Operations and College Placement Lawrence Vera retains his 17U Head Coaching position for the second consecutive season.  Coach Vera commented on the exciting and positive changes in the Titans coaching ranks:  “As we continue to grow in the CPBL, we want to ensure our teams have great leaders. Adding Eddie, Nick, and Denis-- who all played high level baseball-- will help ensure our players understand the expectation of US college coaches.” He elaborated on how his new 16U and 18U Head Coaches will have an immediate impact on Titans pitchers and catchers:  “Coach Eddie is going to help change pitching in the York Region area and we are excited to watch his plan come into place. Coach Denis comes with a great background catching out in the US Midwest and will bring our catchers to the next level to help them compete in the CPBL.” 

The addition of the 14U team for the 2021-22 season completes the Titans’ Year Three Plan and the addition of three new Head Coaches will give the CPBL expansion franchise a shot in the arm heading into Fall Ball.