Mighty Movember Moments Assured in Titans’ Players versus Coaches Fundraiser Game

by Jim Stewart

Building traditions and making history has been a theme in the Titans’ 2020 season.  Another tradition will manifest itself this weekend in the form of our first Annual Players Versus Coaches’ Charity Game.  This fundraiser—with its special focus on accruing funds for the Movember Foundation and its related prostate and testicular cancer campaign—will take place at Tottenham Park with first pitch at 11 AM on Saturday, October 24.  The nine-inning game will not only signal the end of Fall Ball 2020 for our four baseball teams, but it will also raise awareness about our student-athletes’ connection to community.  Each Titans player on the Charity Game roster donated a minimum of $25 towards the Movember Drive and were granted the privilege to play in the Players Versus Coaches tilt. Even though the game is for “bragging rights in the organization” and some “amusement in October”, Titans Director of Baseball Operation Lawrence Vera is also “pleased by the quick and enthusiastic response of the community to this cancer research fundraiser. Player game fees accounted for a baseline donation of $550 from the organization and we have encouraged others in the community to donate to this worthy cause.”

The 22-man Titans roster is a blend of players from all four teams and will be managed by Coach Emeritus Jim Stewart who “is honored to be part of this historical event and this charity fundraiser.”  Coach Stewart’s pitching staff is comprised of these nine Titans:  Faisel Al Ajeel (17U); DJ McMaster (17U); Justin Shin (16U); Anthony Cressatti (15U); Jayden Bailey (16U); Ryan Smith (16U); Gabriel Scarlato (18U); Graham Sim (18U); and Aidan Gelhard (16U).  The two catchers looking after this nine-man staff will be Matt Brandt (17U) and Reese Irvin (17U).  The veteran infield includes Cooper Tomkinson (18U), Dylan Reeves (17U), Eric Rutherford (17U), Zac Tomlinson (16U), Johnny Mantia (17U), and Nolan Thomson (17U). The five outfielders ready to patrol the leafy turf in Tottenham will be Hayden Irwin (18U), Yiannis Skanderis (15U), Wyatt Slocum (17U), Tim Khan (15U), and Sam Puttock (15U).

The Coaches’ squad is chockful of veteran players ready to be “The Toast of Tottenham”, including Starting Pitcher Eddie McKiernan who will be a formidable challenge to the teen Titans.  Also confirmed for this “shock and awe” coaches’ roster are:  Jeremy Uylenbroek (18U), Alex Stewart (18U), Alex Crocco (18U), Lawrence Vera (17U), John Michael Tashos (17U), Denis Bailey (17u),  Paul Barker (16U), Jesse Barker (16U), Sean Demelo (16U), Brayden Byers (15U), John Bethune (15U), and Nick Dimpfel (15U). 

It will be a fun day in Tottenham and all for a good cause. 

Donations to the Movember Foundation can be sent to https://movember.com/t/titans-baseball-club