Owen MacPherson Commits to the OCAA Durham College Lords

by Jim Stewart

Titans 18U First Baseman Owen MacPherson committed to the OCAA Durham College Lords on Friday.  The Honor Roll student from Denis O’Connor CHS became the thirteenth Titan from the Class of 2023.  18U Head Coach Denis Bailey is confident his corner infielder has the attributes to succeed as a Durham Lord in the coming community college season:  “Owen has great bat-to-ball skill and is a great team guy.  I was happy to secure a roster spot for this veteran Titan.” Although the Ajax resident had US College options, he chose Durham College for three reasons:  “They have a renowned Electrical Engineering program and it is close to home.  I also looked at what schools had baseball teams with good track records.”  With these three criteria met to his satisfaction, the affable MacPherson is looking forward to studying and playing in Durham Region:  “I am excited to begin my journey into college life and play at a community college baseball level.”

A talented carpenter and prospective skilled tradesperson, Owen’s choice of study at the post-secondary level will be Electrical Engineering.  It is evident that Owen will be filling a significant need in the Canadian economy which is currently addressing a dearth of skilled tradespeople in the marketplace.  His most recent woodworking project--building an entire nativity scene for St. Bernadette Church-- is indicative of Owen’s considerable gifts as a carpenter and his willingness to contribute to his community parish.

Before he becomes a skilled tradesperson in the Canadian marketplace, MacPherson delineated his academic and athletic goals at Durham College:  “Academically, I’ll be striving to maintain my Honor Roll status throughout my post-secondary studies.  Athletically, I am focused on winning the OCAA championship as a Durham Lord.”

Becoming a member of the championship-calibre Durham Lord Baseball team and getting into the Community College’s Engineering program were important considerations for the veteran Titan. He expressed his gratitude to the ball club’s administration for helping him achieve this pair of goals:  “Jim Stewart and Denis Bailey were both an integral part of this process for me and my family.  Jim and Denis both worked with me to find the right path and steer me in the direction best suited for me and my future.”  MacPherson also reflected on the highlights of his career with the Titans Baseball Club:  “The two college trips were definitely the highlight for me.  I got to experience US College life and truly get closer to my teammates and coaches.”  His advice to younger Titans regarding strategies they should use to attain post-secondary goals was crystal clear:  “I would tell the younger players to stay focused, set reasonable goals for yourself, and find the balance between everything in life.”

Owen MacPherson has found the balance in his life and has stayed focused to attain his post-secondary goals.  The Titans Baseball Club wishes him every success in the classroom at Durham College, on the baseball diamond with the OCAA Lords, and on the field with the 18U Titans during the 2023 CPBL season.