The Titans and A.R.C.

by Jim Stewart

A key part to The Titans Baseball Club’s day-to-day operations is sharing their True North Fieldhouse facility with Athletic Rehabilitation and Conditioning or ARC.  Co-owners Milad Mohib and Carlo D’Emilio moved ARC from Aurora to Newmarket in 2019 to provide Titans’ players with “high performance support, pre-season screening for injuries, mobility issues and imbalances, clinical therapy, sports-focused rehabilitation, as well as baseball-specific injury treatment and soft tissue work”.  Players can literally step off the “big playground” of the True North Fieldhouse and step into Mohib and D’Emilio’s clinic for treatment and advice.  This proximity allows for “close communication with Titans coaches and players.”  As a result, Mohib and D’Emelio feel that they are not only “making a difference”, but they also feel “part of the team”.  Seeing Mohib and D’Emilio interact with players on the field, in the weight room, and in the clinic shows how much they “enjoy the diversity” of their working scenarios.  As Mohib mentioned, “We put on a clinician hat by day and assist individuals who are repairing injuries.  We put on a coaching hat at night and work with Titans players to find the right balance of training and fun.”  ARC deploys this combination of training and fun with a number of local sports organizations, including the Aurora Soccer Club, the Dragonforce Academy, York-Simcoe Express, and the Aurora Storm. They also provide dry land training for swimmers in the community. According to Mohib, one of the “most satisfying aspects of his job is to see athletes overcome serious injuries and secure college program scholarships. Keeping our clients healthy and avoiding re-injury is a focus for ARC clientele.” 

Lawrence Vera, Titans Director of Baseball Operations, praised the connection between his baseball teams and Athletic Rehabilitation and Conditioning:  “Having ARC as our medical provider is just another added value to playing with the Titans. Not only are they great guys to deal with, but they were also elite soccer athletes themselves so Milad and Carlo understand this mindset and our expectations of each player. Their Strength and Conditioning programs have already shown success with increases in exit velocity, throwing velocity, and foot speed that will be a huge benefit come May 1 when our season starts.”

ARC offers a full range of chiropractic, rehabilitative, and post-surgery therapeutic services. Contact Milad Mohib (MSc, D.C.) or Carlo D’Emilio (C.S.C.S., D.C.) at 905-235-5500 or email them at or, respectively.