The Virtues and Value of Virtual Training

by Jim Stewart

The Titans Baseball Club continues to persevere through another Province-dictated lockdown by implementing the safe and effective medium of virtual training.  Titans Director of Baseball Operations Lawrence Vera commented on the many manifestations of virtual training the organization has chosen to use to serve its baseball community:   “For the last 6 weeks, our Titans have been going 5-6 days a week virtually with Coach Eddie, Coach Alex, and Doctor Cassidy Preston. While this was not the original plan, we were prepared to adapt as the world continues to change. We want to ensure our boys are focused and continuing to develop so that when the government allows us, we can hit the ground running back at True North Fieldhouse.”  

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Alex Stewart also hopes the Titans can return soon to their Fitness and Weightlifting Centre at TNF.  In the meantime, the Graceland University (Iowa) grad and trainer has had to develop innovative solutions in the virtual medium to maximize off-season initiatives:  “The players have taken instruction really well in the Zoom medium and we have been creative as an organization to create instruments found in our players’ homes that can be used for resistance training.  This is my first offseason with the Titans and I have been impressed with our players’ attendance and effort through this alternate delivery of the strength and conditioning program.  It will be a relief to get back into our gym and complete our program at the Fieldhouse, but for now we’ll continue to do our best work on Zoom.” 

Like Coach Stewart, Titans Pitching Coordinator Eddie McKiernan has worked with his hurlers from a distance, too.   The California native offered insights into the Titans’ players response to his winter Zoom sessions: “This online training has been great, I’m somewhat new to the organization and to get time with the boys a couple times has been very beneficial.”  Coach McKiernan was pleased with the Titans progress and resilience:   “They are starting to understand my pitching philosophy, my verbiage, and work ethic I expect. I like the fact the boys are doing the drills and focusing on what feels right for them; it has to feel right.”  Coach McKiernan was also happy with the level of attendance:  “I’m proud of the boys that consistently show up, we have big turn outs, and I’m glad to see them wanting to work hard and get better!”

Interactivity during a period of relative inactivity is what drives an offseason during the winter, even if it occurs during the dictates of a dangerous pandemic.  Here’s hoping that the Province of Ontario offers the Titans Baseball Club good news regarding its facility on February 22 when updates will be forthcoming regarding Health regulations and parameters affecting the metropolitan regions of Toronto, York, and Peel.

Fingers crossed in February 2021.