Titans Matthew Brandt Signs Letter of Intent with Spalding University in Kentucky

by Jim Stewart

The Titans Baseball Club is pleased to announce that Matthew Brandt of the 2021 Grad Class has committed to Spalding University (NCAA) in Louisville, Kentucky.  Director of Baseball Operations and Player Development Lawrence Vera—having just returned from recruiting meetings with Midwest College coaches in Kansas —was pleased with the progress of the placement process:   “It's an exciting time for the Titans Baseball Club as we have our first player of the 2021 class off the board.”  Coach Vera offered personal remarks about his veteran catcher:  “It's even more exciting for me that it's Matt Brandt who is getting the opportunity to pursue his goals. Matty and I have been working together for 5 years and is part of the original Titans from last season. It will be different without Matt around next season but I'm excited to see him succeed at the next level.”

Matt offered five reasons to sign at Spalding University:  “The location of the school is great, the program looks amazing and the coach Sheriff has treated me well. I believe it is the best place to further my education and makes the most sense for my family.” 

The veteran Titans catcher has chosen to “study business at Spalding”—one of the best degrees to bring back to Canada due to its versatility.

When asked about what he’s looking most forward to  the most about moving to Louisville, Kentucky, Matt focused on “NCAA baseball the most, obviously, and proving myself at the next level as well as meeting new people and gaining a new experience.” 

Matt was quick to credit the Titans organization—especially the 17U Coaching Staff-- for his success on the field and his opportunities south of the border:  “The Titans Baseball Club did everything for me. They gave me a chance and helped me develop as a ball player and as a man. Lawrence  in particular became a huge mentor in my life and helped me develop every aspect of my game and took me through every step of finding the best school for me and my family and put in countless hours into helping me and made me feel more like family then just a kid he coached. I am really appreciative of that. Coach Denis [Bailey]in the short time I’ve been working with him also really helped me develop my catching skills and made small changes in my swing which allowed me to be very successful in the fall season. I’m also very grateful for coach Tosh [John-Michael Tashos) who really pushed me to be my best. I think overall the Titans prepared me for the collegiate level by creating a family atmosphere for my teammates and myself, but also working us as hard as possible and making us into mature young men.”

In his closing words, Matt offered insights into the past season and its COVID19- related challenges:  “It’s hard to think of a really memorable moment with COVID affecting our summer season. But I think it would be any one of the Intersquad games. They are always competitive and fun. That’s been my favourite part of playing for the Titans baseball club. I look forward to making more memories in the coming months.”

Congratulations, Matt.  The Titans Baseball Club is proud of your accomplishments as a student-athlete.