Titans Prep for Post-Pandemic Florida Excursion to PBR Spring Training Showcase

by Jim Stewart

The sigh of relief in Lawrence Vera’s voice was audible.  The Titans’ Director of Player Development and Baseball Operations is looking forward to the end of the pandemic and a fresh start for the organization in Florida over the March Break. 

He elaborated on what has been planned for the Titans players and coaches in The Sunshine State:  “This year, the Titans are attending the PBR SPRING TRAINING SHOWCASE in Panama City Beach, Florida. PBR changed their venue and this year we will be practicing and playing our games at Panama City Beach Sports Complex from March 12 to 19.” 

Travel logistics are in place and were confirmed by Coach Vera:  “On March 12, we will be flying down with 56 players and 6 coaches. Our players will be split into 3 teams to maximize our playing and development time.”

The Florida Excursion staff will be comprised of Coach Jeremy Uylenbroek, Coach Andrew Graham, Coach Denis Bailey, Coach Jeff King, Coach Mike Rondeau, and Coach Vera.

Although the Titans Excursion Itinerary is fluid and to be determined, PBR has advertised the following features of its Spring Training Showcase:  

• 6 Guaranteed Games;
• Field Times designated for Team Practices; 
• 2 PBR Shirts for Select Team members;
• 5 Fields in Use (All Turf) at PCB;
• Workouts at Gulf Coast College;
• Workouts at Northwest Florida State College;
• Workouts at Arnold High School;
• Teams hosted at the Town Place Suites by Marriott, Sheraton Panama City Beach Golf & Spa Resort, and Hampton Inn Panama City Beach;
• Full PBR Coverage and Player Profiles Created/Updated;
• Scout Day provided by PBR.

It’ll be fun in the sun for Titans players and coaches, but Coach Vera is cognizant of getting his student-athletes on the field and ready for the upcoming CPBL season:   “Our goal is to maximize our time outside in Florida. We have requested big blocks of practice time to take advantage of the spring weather.” 

Resuming normal operations such as excursions to the United States has been uplifting for the Titans’ leader and the 63 other participants.   Coach Vera  put the excursion in a two-year context:  “With the 2020 Florida Trip being cancelled last minute and the 2021 Florida trip impossible to implement due to pandemic restrictions, it’s nice that we are finally going to be taking off in a few weeks, get our work done in Florida, and get ready for the CPBL season. Hopefully, this is a sign of us getting back to normal.”

Sighs of relief are indeed audible and signs of normalcy are visible throughout the Titans organization two weeks prior to the 2022 Florida Excursion.  Safe travels, Titans!