Titans Set $2K Goal for Annual Southlake RHC 5K Charity Run

by Jim Stewart

March is the time of year when the Titans Baseball Club turns its attention to its connection to community, especially the Southlake Regional Health Centre.  

On Monday, Director of Baseball Operations Lawrence Vera committed the Titans to participate in the hospital’s Annual 5K Charity Walk or Run:  “From April 12-May 9, 2021, our team is participating in the Nature’s Emporium Run for Southlake, a four-week virtual challenge to raise vital funds for patient care.” 

Coach Vera also set the organization’s 2021 fundraising goal at $2,000.  In 2020, the Titans raised $1,065 for the local hospital’s needs.  Responding to regional needs is at the heart of Southlake’s mandate as it serves both northern York Region and the southern sector of Simcoe Region.  

The vital nature of Southlake and its urgent need for community support was also acknowledged in Coach Vera’s press release:  “Now, more than ever, our hospital needs our help to make sure that every patient gets the care they deserve, when they need it most. Did you know the government does not provide funding for most new or replacement hospital tools and equipment? Everything from basic tools like beds and IV poles to state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment is funded entirely through community support.” 

Recognizing and supporting the hospital’s vital role is also central to the Titans’ efforts, according to Vera:  “We are extremely excited to participate in the run for Southlake for the 2nd straight year. While this year the event will be virtual again, we believe that the Titans Community will still rally together to support our hospital.”  

Vera noted in closing that although the lingering pandemic limits the annual event, it also offers many benefits for the Titans: “Fitness is a big part of our program and, more importantly, community involvement so we are excited to double our goal for the 2021 and support Southlake.”  To help us reach our organization’s fundraising goal, please join today by clicking  HERE.

The Titans Baseball Club appreciates your support of this worthy community cause.